Company introduction

The VGATE is trying to become an excellent company beyond a good company.


  • 2021

    • 2021.02

      Participated in the 'BUSINESS PROPRIETOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION VERIFICATION SERVICE' construction project used by the National Tax Service.

      Built a DRS for HMM.

    • 2021.03

      Maintained an integrated computer system used in BANDINLUNIS.

    • 2021.04

      Relocated KB Life's computer system.

      Relocated KB Financer group DR Center.

    • 2021.05

      Improved Korea Copyright Commission registration system and Construct digitalization of registered copyrights.

      Developed Netmarble's QMS advancement project step 2.

      Relocated the DGB's DR Center.

    • 2021.06

      Participated in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's national standard data management system project phase 4.

      Built the server room infrastructure in BODYFRIEND.

    • 2021.07

      Completed the SKB's coalition DB advancement project

      Supported SK Hynix's personnel system upgrade project.

      Provided the Government Employees Pension Service with next-generation experts.

      Relocated the NH INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO., LTD DR Center.

      Relocated the computer system of the subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group.

    • 2021.08

      Completed upgrades and maintenance tasks for IDQuantique's QEMS system.

      Participated in the replacement and expansion project of Samsung's HPC service account authentication server.

      Consulted and built the ATP Solution for Yuhan Chemical.

    • 2021.09

      Built an integrated security system in Samsung C&T's Construction sector.

      Supported the sub-contractor of POSCO with Network Transformation Technology

      Participated in Nonghyup's Electronic signature authentication system buiding project.

      Completed the National Archives of Korea's system relocation project.

    • 2021.10

      Participated in the LG Uplus's NTOSS MOBILE performance improvement project.

      Consulted about the Kyung-Hee University's AI Server room project.

    • 2021.11

      Completed the Hyundai Car's AI Platform relocation project.

  • 2020

    • 2020.01

      Participated in Samsung's AD fraud prevention system building.

      Provided Deep Security Solution to POSCO.

      Provided the hardware and server maintenance service to SMBC

      Provided the hardware and server maintenance service to SCANIA KOREA

      Provided the hardware and server maintenance service to Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek Port Corporation.

    • 2020.02

      Participated in Hyundai GLOVIS's used car trading platform project.

    • 2020.03

      Completed the Integrated IT center relocation project for KB subsidiary

      Provided technical support to Hyundai infotech's v890 server problems.

      Participated in operation of SPC's store manufacturing system

      Participated in operation of Lotte Subsidiary's Giftiel system.

      We assisted the development of KOREAN AIR's OAM&FIDO link modules.

    • 2020.04

      Supported the development part of the immigration information system improvement project to prevent COVID-19 for the Ministry of Justice.

      Operated POSCO affiliates' cloud and information security control

    • 2020.05

      Completed next-generation social security information system reform project for the Ministry of Health and Welfare

      Supported the 3rd expansion establishment for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's the information network

    • 2020.06

      Provided support service to advancement of Real Estate Electronic Contract System used in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

      Provided technical support to Oracle software of Kyobo life planet.

      Completed Storage installation and technical support to Kyung-Hee University.

      Participated in the maintenance of integrated system resources for Kyung-Hee University.

      Ministry of Security and Public Administration, MOSPA Participated in the third project of the MOSPA's national standard data management system establishment.

    • 2020.07

      Provided ORACLE DBMS to Boryung Pharmaceutical

      upgraded the MathCloud's website.

      Supported the development part of ORACLE's Cloud MSP monitoring tool.

      Completed the business for utilizing the nextgen copyright registration system used by KOREA COPYRIGHT COMMISSION.

    • 2020.08

      Completed the ISP safety test for Incheon Airport.

      Supported the maintenance and development part of Seoul's public food service system.

    • 2020.09

      Participated in the '2020 Social Security Information System Expansion and Reorganization' project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare

      Participated in maintenance and upgrades of Korea Invention Promotion Association's IP-Market bsite

      Provided SILLA with the ORACLE license and technical support.

      Supported OS installation for Korea National University of Welfare

      Supported the development of LG's ALM Fit-GAP project.

      Supported the development of online landing permission pilot project for foreign seafarers project used by the Ministry of Justice

      relocated the Magnachip's server room.

      Supported the Renewal of Onestore books.

      Designed Samsung SDS's Single ID construction.

    • 2020.10

      Provided server parts to Kyunghee University

      Supported the establishment and development of KOSCOM's asset management platform

      Supported the ETA system development of the Ministry of Justice.

      Relocated and integrated the Gangbuk, Daegu IDC center of Kyobo Life

      Provided server and storage maintenance for MideaWeb

      Supported the development of SMILEGATE's HR system establishment

    • 2020.11

      Provided operation support to Keyfoundry's Oracle software.

      Completed hardware in Hanhwa System's relocation project.

      Participated in devlelopment of LGU+'s Home-in service

      Supported the next-generation development project of Seoul Transportation Corporation

    • 2020.12

      We have Supported the development part of EBS Smart Perfect Score.

      Supported BANDINLUNIS with Solaris techical support.

      Completed the DGB's DRC relocation&reintegration project.

  • 2019

    • 2019.01

      Supported SBTM's SRS system maintenance and development.

      Ministry of Health and Welfare - Built a facility informatin system.

      Supported the SKB's improved Data Tech Unit development in 2019.

      Maintained Oracle database of Distance education website of Seoul National University HOSPITAL

      Built KB's banking system which was chosen by the city’s primary bank

      Installed cable and provide technical support for CMB Daejeon Broadcast

    • 2019.02

      Provided maintenance service for Standard Chartered Bank.

      Provided IMB relocation function support for Hyundai Mobis.

      developed cryptocurrency exchange mobile app for Coinzest.

      Supported developement part of Hotel SILLA's Pick-up Locations upgrade project

    • 2019.03

      Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - Built the project, permission for occupation and use of a river

      Supported the development part of KAKAO M's MLB health care system.

    • 2019.04

      Maintained the SK broadband's DHCP(H/W,S/W), NMS(H/W)

    • 2019.05

      Supported the development phase of HMM's next-generation establishment.

    • 2019.06

      Korea Local Information Research, KLID Completed the KLID's Korean Address Information System(KAIS) project.

      Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, KIAT Maintained the KIAT's integrated information system.

      Built the KYOBO ASSET TRUST's next generation system

    • 2019.07

      Move offiices

      Supported development phase of Giftiel 2.0 mobile gift card advancement project.

      Korea Environment Institute, KEI supproted development phase of Korea Environment Institute, KEI's system establishment.

      Completed Samsung SDI's LDAP server relocation project.

      Supported development phase of Hyunjin ICT's web fax solution.

      Provided ETL Migreation technical support for HMM.

    • 2019.08

      Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, MOLIT Built MOLIT's information integration network.

      National Information Society Agency, NIA

    • 2019.09

      Signed a partnership agreement with i-GUARD.

      Ministry of Public Administration and Security, MOPAS Participated in MOPAS's 2nd project, build national standard data management system.

      Customized a Magnachip's system and account management solution.

    • 2019.10

      Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, ACRC Built ACRC's 2nd Preventive Anti-corruption system.

      Maintained the SPC's Web system.

    • 2019.11

      Built SPC's next-genereation VAN system.

      Relocated Jtnet's server room.

      Provided technical support to SKB

      Supported development phase of Seoul Facilities Corporation's safety network of facilities step two.

      Provided the Oracle SE2 to Samsung Electronics

    • 2019.12

      Supported the maintenance of KBM's system.

      Supported the integrated maintenance of KOICA's information system.

      built S1's next-generation business platform.

  • 2018

    • 2018.01

      Completed KT's 2nd software transfer project.

      Supported the maintenance of the integrated system for sharing agenda data of the National Assembly/Local Council.

      renewed Kyobo Life Life Planet's Oracle software.

      Supported Hyundai Card's SSO development.

    • 2018.02

      Supported the development phase of Polytechnic University's academic administration system.

      replaced SKBB's DX80 S2 model disk.

      Certificate of temporary work agency business has been issued.

    • 2018.03

      Built a new job hub platform(I_ONE JOB) for the Industrial Bank of Korea.

    • 2018.04

      Supported the development of Oracle to improve kakaoM's MLB DB performance.

      Supported the Oracle DB maintenance of the distance lecture website of Seoul National University Hospital.

      Built a system that maintained Self-rating video games.

      Supported the operation of SKB's Datamart's big data in 2018.

      Provided technical support for KB Kookmin Bank's network(BROCADE, etc.).

    • 2018.05

      Built a next-generation information system of KDB Development Bank.

      Provided technical support for Jtnet system.

      Built a SKB's integrated customer targeting platform.

      Maintained a data processing system for distance lecture website of Seoul National University Hospital.

    • 2018.06

      Ministry of Public Administration and Security, MOPAS Supported the development of the emergency bell server program of the MOPAS.

      Supported the development of Hyundai UNI Asan PMS.

      Delivered 60 DHCP servers to SKB in 2018.

    • 2018.07

      Completed the second project on Social Security Information System's Expansion and Reorganization in 2017.

      Supported the maintenance of Hyundai Mubex's Web system.

      Developed the Hyundai Mobis General Affairs Support Center APP and advanced its website.

    • 2018.08

      National Health Insurance Corporation, NHIC Built the complaint handling platform of citizen-centered communication used by NHIC.

      We Supported the establishment and design of KT M Mobile's counseling system.

      Supported the development of the Dong-hang lottery system.

      Built Hanwha Life Insurance's smart distance lecture.

      National Health Insurance Corporation, NHIC Maintained the NHIC's Smart Fax processing system and operated the upgrades.

      Provided HI-TAM(ACS) to kakaoM

      The Certificate of Venture Business has been extended(06/20/18).

    • 2018.09

      Supported the development of Samsung's OIM.

      Supported Cheil Worldwide's Gate 2.0 advancement and stabilization development and design.

      The certificate of R&D Center has been extended. (09/06/18)

    • 2018.10

      Supported the design of SGI Seoul Guarantee's Webfax Viewer.

      Provided the technical design support for Nongshim engineering.

    • 2018.11

      Participated in second project of establishing a next-generation information system for the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

      Supported visioble ARS web screen design for Supreme Prosecutors' Office.

      Built Coinzest's global service.

    • 2018.12

      Provided SR with DELL server and technical support

      Participated in HMM's NP2020 project (Cloud transfer to Oracle)

  • 2017

    • 2017.01

      Supported the HI-TAM installation and Migration for KICC

      Provided Oracle DBMS License for Chosun Nursing College

      Supported the development of Oracle to improve kakaoM's MLB DB performance.

    • 2017.02

      Participated in Social security information system expansion project.

      Supported development of Cheil Worldwide's information system

      Supported the system development for Nongshim engineering.

      Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. MOGEF Supported the development of server groups on five websites of MOGEF.

    • 2017.03

      Provided maintenance support for SK broadband's facility network.

      Participated in Suhyup Bank’s smartphone banking proprietary app and corporate internet banking advancement.

      Supported Hyundai UNI's groupware design and publishing.

      Participated in KT's first software transfer project.

    • 2017.04

      Participated in KAI's APS establishment project.

      Supported Standard Chartered Bank's NT server maintenance.

    • 2017.05

      Supported the development of Bank of Korea's integration system.

    • 2017.06

      Supported the development of Samsung medicine's MES process monitoring system.

      Ministry of the Interior, MOI Participated in the government 24 integrated operation project of MOI.

    • 2017.07

      Supported the migration of Chorocmaeul's backborn system.

    • 2017.08

      Supported DongHwa Dutyfree's system operation.

      Korea Water Resources Corporation, K-water Supported the development of K-water's business system

    • 2017.09

      Supported the establishment of SINSUNG TONGSAN's online shopping mall site.

      Supported Cheil Worldwide's Gate 2.0 advancement and stabilization development and design.

    • 2017.10

      Korea Federation of SMEs, KBIZ We Supported construction of KBIZ's customer service center

    • 2017.11

      Supported the establish of cryptocurrency exchange

      Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, KSPO Provided the software and installation support for KSPO

      Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives, KFCC Participated in MIF consulting for KFCC

    • 2017.12

      Supported the development of Cheil Worldwide's information system in 2017.

  • 2016

    • 2016.01

      Supported the HMM's information system maintenance.

      Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, MOF Supported the development of disaster information system used by MOF

      Provided Application maintenance for Magnachip

      Supported Asiana Airplanes's Oracle Advanced Customer Service.

    • 2016.02

      Northeast Asian History Foundation, NAHF Supported the development of NAHF's website.

      Supported media development of KBS's website.

      Ministry of Health and Welfare, MOHW Korea Social Security Information Service, SSIS Participated in DB encryption project of SSIS, affiliate of MOHW.

    • 2016.03

      Supported the publishing task of MarkAny's website.

      Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, MOGEF Supported the maintenance of MOGEF's Sex Offender Registry system.

      Supported the developtment of Samsung Electronics DMC Division's monitoring system.

      Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, SNUH

      Provided the system maintenance to SNUH.

    • 2016.04

      Participated in Woong-Jin's Electronic contract system.

      Korea Student Aid Foundation, KOSAF.

      Provided the system maintenance to KOSAF Information System.

      Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, MOGEF Supported the MOGEF website integration project.

      Direct production confirmation certificate(WMS, VCBP) has been issued.

      Certificate of copyright registration(VCBP) has been issued.

    • 2016.05

      Participated in DPA(Doosan Partners Academy) upgrade project.

      Supported installation and migration of Oracle DBMS to LOCAMOBILITY

      Provide installation/Migration support to Asiana Airplanes's website

    • 2016.06

      Provided Cisco Support Service to CMB Hankang

      Participated in Nonghyup's HW relocation project.

      Supported the website and mobile service development of NH Capital

      The Certificate of Venture Business han been issued

    • 2016.07

      Supported the maintenance of Hyundai Hicar Claims Service.

      Supported the customization of the data transmission system for Daishin Securities

    • 2016.08

      Supported establishing an integrated disaster prevention information system for Cultural Heritage Administration

      Participated in the advancement of the viewer media foundation's fair competition policy system in the broadcasting and broadcasting advertisement market.

      Korea Environment Corporation, K-eco Supported the development of K-eco's data development system construction project.

      Provided technical support to Seahbesteel's integrated ERP/MES system.

      Supported the development of the core banking for K-Bank

    • 2016.09

      Republic Of Korea Air Force, ROKAF Supported the development of management soultion for ROKAF HQ.

      Ministry of Health and Welfare, MOHW Participated in the Social Security Information System Expansion project of MOHW

      Provided system maintenance service to Hyundai Life

      Gold partnership with Oracle has been formed.

    • 2016.10

      Provided HI-TAM IDS installation and Migration to SK Broadband

      Provided VIRobot Virus Total Solution to Harams

      Provided the REXPERT, the reporting tool, to Mugunghwa Trust

      Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, SNUH Maintained the database of SNUH

      Participated in the replacement project of legacy hardware in the Gyeonggi Provincial Government.

      Participated in the WATERNOW expansion project

      we Supported maintenance related to events on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website.

      Supported renewing ORACLE H/W and S/W of LOCAMOBILITY.

      Built the warehouse management system for LANDERS

      Gold partnership with the Net And Human Interface has been formed

    • 2016.11

      Completed the Popsline's Online shopping mall construction project.

      Supported the development of Hyundai Capital System.

      Complted the Seoul Financial Portal Advancement Project

      Supported the development of construction Workers Mutual Aid Association system.

      Developed 北京汉光舞科技 website.

    • 2016.12

      Supported design of KTUcloud biz's console website.

      Supported the development of Korea Information & Communication website's PG system

      Participated in Korea Atomic Energy Medical Center Network Separation Advancement Project

      Provided ViRobot vaccine system to Korea Gas Corporation

      Provided SpamSniper Enterprise Edition 5.x to KB Bank.

      Provided maintenance support on Hyosung capital system.

      Supported development of Cheil Worldwide's information system

      Capital increase, total capital 100 million won

  • 2015

    • 2015.01

      Supported develpment of Allianz SFA project.

      Supprted prototype development of Samsung SDS NORA platform.

      Supported development of Korea National University's production and organization system.

    • 2015.02

      Built and operated the B2E-mall

    • 2015.06

      Supported the development of Hana Tour's overseas hotel reservation system.

      Supported development of Samsung SDS MySingle Oracle Identity Management system (OIM)

    • 2015.07

      Participated in National Tax Service's advancement/maintenance of the national tax administration system

    • 2015.08

      Developed WMS for LinFant

      Supported the development of the Korea Broadcasting Corporation's video archive level 6.

      Support for development of KT Media Hub outdoor advertisement analysis service.

      Supported design fof KT Ucloud KT Ucloud Portal console website

    • 2015.09

      Supported the Hyundai Card's web system development.

      Supported the development of OK Savings Bank's web system

    • 2015.10

      Participated in development of Hanhwa S&C LMS Supported the development of FTCI's web system

      Supported the 2nd project to upgrade KT's CLIP statistics division.

    • 2015.11

      Supported for maintenance of Lina Life Insurance's web system.

    • 2015.12

      Supported the maintenance of KEPCO's human resource system security vulnerability system.

  • 2014

    • 2014.08

      the development of Lotte Mart's website.

      the development of Cafe Bene website.

    • 2014.9

      Built the Unification Preparation Committee's website

      Participated in the Korea Water Resources Corporation's IPTV construction project.

    • 2014.10

      Supported the maintenance and operation of the National Pension Service's Webfax system.

    • 2014.11

      Supported the upgrading web accessibility level 2 of Kyobo's wesite

      Supported the Hyundai Card's RMS system development.

      Supported the web standard projects to build media convergence infrastructure for Yonhap News.

      Supported the development of DMS (General Distribution Improvement) of Samsung Electronics in China.

    • 2014.12

      Supported the development of the Seoul Metro system.

      Supported the upgrading accessibility to Kyobo Bookstore's web.

      Supported the building Samsung Electronics' budget management system.