VGATE provides optimal customizd Solutions by understanding customer needs.


VGATE has concluded a solution technology development MOU with Myungin Inno Co., Ltd. the official importer of QCT, and is promoting QCT product supply and technical support.

GPUs are actively applied in areas such as artificial intelligence and deep learning due to their high processing speed, and are also widely applied to other services that require rapid deployment and maintenance. This allows you to configure the components to suit your environment. In addition, GPU Farm configuration using PCI Bridge Board is possible, and various GPU card compatibility such as V100, P100, P40 provides optimum performance in various configurations desired by users.

List of provided technical support

  • Step-by-step support accroding to system analysis results
  • Provide diagnosis and analysis service by professional consulting group
  • Otimized and customized service from Enterprise to SMB customers
  • Pre-prevention service by regular maintenance

  • QuantaGrid D52BV-2U

  • QuantaGrid D52BV-4U