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VGATE is provide software and technical support via partnership agreement with SoftwareAG

Software AG provides optimized software consists of Integration & API management, IOT & analytics, Business transformation. It provides an environment where everyone and things can work together in a fully connected through the formation of a fluid flow of data between people, departments, systems and devices.


[ Integration & API management ]

  • webMethods Integration Server(Hybrid Integration Solution)
    - Connection/intergration between Cloud(SaaS, PaaS), IOT, big DATA. / expansion to open API
  • webMethods API Management(API Management Solution)
    - Open API between affiliates / Internal API for Mircroservices / Public Open API / Internal API for new application's easy development
  • webMethods Trading Networks(B2B Integration Solution)
    - Digital trade automation between organization/trade partner based on standard EDI
  • webMethods CloudStreams Server(Clod Integration Solution)
    - Framework for connect cloud with SaaS or PaaS / SLA management and security function / Wizard service depelopment, no code. Service provider and client's usage analyze / center connection management / include monitoring and control / quick connection of SaaS and PaaS application.
  • webMethods Universal Messaging(Integration Messaging Solution)
    - Supports developing messaging applications such as JMS and MQTT.
  • webMethods Active Transfer
    - Large file transfer management MFT Solution.
  • webMethods Microservices
    - Micro service envirnoment assist Solution.
  • iPaaS Service(Public iPaaS Clound Service)
    - Include integration, API, B2B and MFT on cloud that contained and managed by Software AG iPaaS Service.

[ IoT & analytics ]

  • Cumulocity IoT platform(Device Mangement and connection / Streaming, AI analytics)
    - Support standard protocols and Agent for device to device connection.
    - Provide SDK, MQTT, REST API for new devices. Support Device model expansion.
    - Support real-time decision-making by running a predictive model with the data collected from IoT devices as a source at runtime through the global No.1 streaming analytics engine (APAMA) and machine learning/deep learning predictive analytics engine. (Zementis)
  • Cumulocity IoT Edge
    - Distributed in various forms such as Any Cloud, on-premises, and Edge while providing the same architecture and the same functions.
  • TrendMiner(Time-series analytics, Predictive Maintenance Solution)
    - Based on pattern recognition and Machine learning, Anyone without data analyst can analysis trouble cause, real-time monitoring and predict.

[ Business transformation ]

  • ARIS BPA(Process management and analytics soluntion)
    - Integrated management of various information such as strategies, processes, and EA for efficiently promoting and managing business innovation and improvement.
    - Support successful process innovation by improving process efficiency and making the right decisions.
  • ARIS Process Mining(Data-driven analytics)
    - Process visualization / monitoring and analytics / optimization of business operations.
  • ARIS RPD & RPA(Robotic Process Automation & Robotic Process Discovery)
    - The only automation solution that provides Discovery, Automation, and Analytics in a single, integrated platform. (Recognized as a Leader in RPA Products by Zinnov, Forrester, Everest Group, HFS Research)
  • ALFABET(IT Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture Management)
    - IT portfolio manage improvement / Increased agility to IT change / Reduce IT costs and comply with technical standards.

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