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HIWARE(Access Management Solution)

VGATE signed a Gold Partnership Gold Partnership with Netland, we provide HIWARE(Privileged Session Management for System) and technical support.

HIWARE enables administrators to enhance system security with various powerful control and audit functions, and analyze the cause of security issues or minimize recovery time with a systematic system.
In addition access is controlled by integrating access paths, and user authentication is strengthened to facilitate privilege management. It is a solution that prevents the recurrence of accidents through real-time control and log management.

Improve user authentication

  • Access control based on IP/MAC address
  • One-Time-Password
  • variouble authentication link API

Authorization control

  • Access control by policy. Alret or block the user.
  • Control the aceess privileges.
  • Support multiple protocols.

System command-line control

  • Commands permission setting and control on group/device
  • Alert and session blocked immediately when type the prohibited commands.
  • Send sms/email and permission request to administrator when type the important commands
  • All history/log management about used commands.

Real-time session control

  • Real-time session monitoring
  • 1:1 Message feature
  • Blocking session for illegal activity.

Recording/observe the working log

  • Log is saved on entire working history
  • Save log history Statistically in searchable storage
  • View logs in TEXT format and video format


  • Installed HI-TAM and migration support to SK broadband
  • Provide HI-TAM installation and Migration support to KICC
  • Provided HI-TAM to kakaoM

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