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SELECS Fence(Intrusion Detection System)

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The cutting-edge security system detects when the trip line of the security fence is pressed, converts it into an electric signal, and sends it to the general control room to recognize the fact of external intrusion. To quickly and accurately judge the situation and respond effectively by security personnel, the occurrence of an intrusion situation is notified visually and hearing. Related equipment such as "security camera" and "alarm" can also be linked.

IDS with SELECS Fence

  • GS Certification Operation program.
  • Enhance the security awareness of your employees with the perfect perimeter security system.
  • Protect the tangible and intangible assets by blocking the external sources and intrusion and detecting intruders early.
  • It can be linked with the video security camera system.
  • Improve the efficiency of operation by integrating with monitoring and broadcast systems.
  • Allows effective history records management through a variety of event handling.


  • Jecheon OO Infantry Division(2020)

  • Mapodaegyo Bridge(2019)

  • Dongtan Combined Heat and Power Generation(2018)

  • Incheon International Airport level 3(2017)

  • Daegu International Airport(2017)

  • Incheon International Airport(2016)

  • Muan International Airport(2016)

  • Jeju Harbor(2016)

  • Gimhae International Airport(2014)

  • POSCO(2013)

  • Uljin Airfield(2013)

  • Kori Nuclear Power Plant(2013)

  • Gimpo International Airport(2012)

  • Jeju International Airport(2012)

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