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Security Consulting Service

Find exactly threat and weak point on system and analyze/evaluation it. offer the best protection plan on customer's environment. Make it prevent intrusion from inside/outside to detect quickly, and to recover quickly. improve the level of information protection and systematic risk control through continuous risk management.


  • Security level testing
  • Penetration Testing / weak point detection
  • Security Certification Consulting
  • Privacy Protection Solution
  • Build Security Architecture : newtwork security, application security, etc.
  • Security solution construction/operation
  • Security weak-point management and PC management solution
  • Information Security Package Solution (FlashID OTID, SIEM, ESM, DRM, etc.)


  • Social service DB Encrytion for the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • AccessControl Soultion installation and migration support for SK Broadband
  • Personal information protection management level index management development consulting for the Ministry of the Interior and Safety
  • We supported AccessControl Soultion installation and migration for KICC
  • We consulted Securitiy level testing and security education for Cowell china
  • We provide AccessControl Soultion to Kakao M
  • We consulted Mettlife about security system testing of network segregation
  • We supported Maintenance of the human resources system's security weakness for Korea Electronic Power Corporation

Major Customers


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