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As an Okta's Premier Partner, we provide a best Digital Identity Platform.

Okta is the best identity platform. Okta has secured 10,000+ innovative companies worldwide. Integrate On-premise envirnoment with 7,000+ Okta integrations. Accelerate the time-to-market of your digital projects. Okta is trusted platform can protect your information with powerful Identity and Access Mangement.

List of services

  • Single Sign-On : Improved security by minimizing ID/password management. 7,000+ pre-built integrations that help you securely adopt and deploy SSO to cloud apps in weeks.
  • Authentication : Protect your customer data with a strong user authentication system.
  • Multi-factor Authentication : Accessible MFA introduction and management for all users. / User Experience oriented MFA registration and authentication process design.
  • Universal Directory : Reduce IT cost through AD/LDAP management / Modernize IT infrastructure by minimizing AD dependence.
  • User Management : Collect, store, and manage large-scale user profile data.
  • Lifecycle Management : Centralized access control by granting / Enhance security by deleting appropriate privileges at appropriate times based on the User's status.
  • Advanced Server Access : Implement real-time password-less authentication / automate the lifecycle of account / role-based access control and command-level permission management.
  • B2B Integration : Integrate & Manage customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Access Gateway : Apply SSO and MFA to on-premises apps without code changes / Free vendor risk of legacy identity products.
  • API Access management : Quick integration with existing API gateway / OAuth 2.0 protocol : Various development tools and safe and fast development with best cases.


  • IT modernization
    Access Control
    Integrate existing identity management consisting of 6 vendors into Okta, reducing annual IT costs by a Million.
  • Data leak prevent
    Change MFA and expansion it
    Enhance the security of increase 30,000 employees and 50,000 partners by introducing MFA. 
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Enhanced B2C customer experience
    500+ applications integrated into Okta to provide customers with a consistent travel experience.
  • Quickly adapt to company's changes
    Domain integration and cross-domain access management
    Quickly and accurately grant access to in-house systems to all employees of the integrated company.
  • Partner Cooperation
    Consistent and safe partner experience
    Thousands of vendors access 10 applications of flex via Okta.

Major Customers


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