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Build/Maintain the IT Infrastructure

We have experts in each field such as consulting, planning, analysis, design, construction, operation, network, server, storage, security, backup. In addition, we provide optimal infrastructure construction and maintenance services for hardware and software.


  • Consult and Build the Network/Server/Storage/Backup Systems
  • Disaster Recovery System
  • Analyze/diagnose the current business system
  • Provide the Hardware/Software
  • Provide the maintenance and Technical support service
  • Data center relocation consulting and executing
  • Provide Database migration Support


  • Integrated and maintained the DHCP server and solution used in SK-Broadband.
  • Relocated DGB Financial Group Data Center.
  • Integrated and maintained the SK-Broadband's NMS equipment
  • Completed the DGB Daegu Bank Disaster Recovery Center relocation&rebuild project
  • Maintained the SMBC's ORACLE-Sun server
  • Relocated ShinhanDS Data Center
  • Built an Oracle-Sun Server for library management solution used in Korea Welfare University
  • Relocated KB Financial Group's Integrated IT Center
  • Replaced Gyeonggi Provincial Government's legacy equipment
  • Replaced Hanhwa-System Network's security equipment

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  • Network equipment, Data Center relocation : Infa Team2 / TEL : 02-514-7144 / E-MAIL :