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DX-HACCP(Automatic Food Safety Inspection)

DX-HACCP provides an automatic inspection solution for safe food production.

DX-HACCP is an integrated inspection information management system for food manufacturing lines. It is possible to monitor by integrating multiple lines composed of multiple foreign object, vision, weight, and metal detectors, and collects a large number of inspection images from the vision and foreign object inspection machines in real time. It is an integrated management solution.
In addition, various inspection machines (X-RAY, vision, weight, metal detection, etc.) in the food manufacturing line are integrated and collected through a real-time interface to collect inspection results and inspection images. It is possible to provide services such as history tracking information.

Automatic Food Safety Inspection through DX-HACCP

  • For safe food production, HACCP activities are necessary.
  • Report easily and execute it immediately.
  • It automatically collects and records machine sensor information, stores and reports processed, and makes complicated work easy.
  • Support All tasks Systematically and effectively in the HACCP execution phase.


  • Completed the food safety platform project(Integrated monitoring of inspection equipment) for Nongsim engineering.
  • Built the food safety platform for Hite-Jinro.
  • Built the food safety platform for Dr.Chung's food.
  • Built the food safety platform for NAMYANG DAIRY PRODUCTS CO.
  • Completed the food traceability system development project for Nongshim Anyang Factory's line SNACK.

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