Meet our Specialized Technology and Customized Service.


As an Oracle's Gold Partner We provide license and Hardware, service support, etc.

We provide infrastructure maintenance equipment such as Oracle Server and Storage that suits our customers' business strategies, and provide SUN-ORACLE Solution supply services such as DB and WEB SERVER based on many years of systematic project execution experience. increase.
Oracle guarantees the highest performance, scalability, reliability, and security for all operational and analytics-related workloads. Optimizing and providing all the components necessary to build a platform, these platform optimizations create a faster and easier infrastructure based on high performance, high efficiency, high availability and strong security technologies. Supports rescue environments.

List of services

  • Consulting Service : System, DBMS, S/W analysis and design / Data Migration and stabilization / SQL, Application customization / performance, load analyze
  • System, DBMS, S/W technical support : Oracle Sun H/W Install / maintenance / troubleshooting support


  • We supported DBMS installation and migration to ASIANA AIRPLANES
  • We provided Oracle DBMS SE2 License to Cloud Networks
  • We supported LOCAMOBILITY's Oracle DBMS installation and migration
  • We supported the KyoboLifePlanet's Oracle Renewal
  • We provided Oracle DBMS SE2 License to LinkVill
  • We provided Oracle DBMS SE2 license to Boryung Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd
  • We provided Oracle DBMS License to Chosun Nursing College
  • We provided Oracle DBMS SE2 license to SILLA DEEP SEA FISHERY

Major Customers


  • Department in charge: SBU / Tel : 02-514-7144 / E-MAIL :