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VGATE, the partner with kakaowork provides product supply and technical support through a partner contract with kakaowork.

kakaowork, the software developed by Kakao as an integrated business platform messenger is, provides a comfortable feeling through a similar UI like Kakaotalk. It also provides the business environment include strong security and management system for every device and OS.

Features of provided by kakaowork

  • Task management
    - You can select a message and register it as My To-Do.
    - Business progress can be grasped by manager designation function. (can check the completion progress by manager)
  • Video conference
    - Any where, any devices can join the video conference.
    - You can even join the conference from a URL not created by a kakaowork users.
  • AI assistance(Kasper)
    - You can get the information while sending or receiving messages without searching.
  • Company-specific settings
    - You can specify the company logo, and display it on the main screen and profile. Support various name setting features by entering the nickname, job title, and job title.
    - Provides a shortcut registration feature for in-house services such as conference rooms and bulletin boards through a communication hub connected to the in-house system.
    - Link with your organization. start a conversation without friend request.
  • Time and attendance management(with no extra app)
    - Link kakaowork with organization info is giving effective member management.
    - Easy time planner for employees.
    - Vacation management service provided.
  • Digital authorization (with no extra app)
    - Real-time confirmation of payment progress notifications, such as approval and rejection. It can be easily processed with one click on mobile devices.
    - Use anywhere on any device with various functions and a basic document template.

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