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WMS(Warehouse Management System)

Recognizing the importance of WMS, we would like to contribute to securing competitiveness and improving the profit structure by building an efficient system through optimal solutions.

Logistics management and cost reduction are possible by computerization of WMS, and the core functions of WMS are real-time warehousing and inventory shipping management, loading management, history tracking, quality tracking, and automatic performance aggregation function.
It is a "Global Standard" warehouse management system that can manage the plans and results of various operations such as entry and shipping at distribution bases in order to overcome the limitations of the automation of the current distribution warehouse equipment and advance the distribution function.

Warehouse management service through WMS

  • Improve the utilization of warehouse resources (human, non-human).
  • Reduce the process time by efficient work.
  • Reduce costs and create profits by managing defective and unnecessary inventory.
  • Work-flow would be improved by WMS.
  • WMS reduces operating costs.


  • Built WMS for LANDERS
  • Maintained WMS for LANDERS
  • Upgraded the LANDERS Management System
  • Built WMS for LILFANT

Major Customers