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DX-Collector(Big Data Collection)

Get big data collection solution that optimized for smart factory through Dx-Collertor.

Dx-collector collect existing contact data as big data. It is a solution capable of real-time processing of trend analysis according to statistical management techniques for major inspections and automatic notification when anomalies are detected. It provides optimal process condition values by linking operation information and product quality, and provides services such as production planning, real-time production status, comprehensive efficiency analysis, and production result prediction information.

Big data collection service through DX-collertor

  • Real-time sensor data collect of worksite using PLC.
  • Collect information of various meters directly.
  • Collect inspection equipment's information like X-ray, vision, gravimetic, etc.
  • Collect data via linked existing database and log.
  • Create virtual tag data through free formulas and classify/aggregate data by tag characteristics and store them systematically.
  • Create alarms and alerts after analyzing the data trend of the tag management chart.
  • Tag value monitoring through various real-time graphs (current values, setting values, upper limit, lower limit)


  • Executed the PMS Project at Nongshim's BaeksanWater Production Plant in Yanbian.
  • Executed the real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE) System project at Sunjin.
  • Executed the PMS Project at Nongshim plant in Anyang.
  • Executed the PMS Project at Nongshim plant in Anyang.
  • Executed the Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE) System project phase 1 at Sunjin plant at Bulacan&Philippines.

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