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Source Analyzer

With Source Analyzer, analyze the existing source faster and more accurately. Find chains in the source to improve the stability of development and maintenance.

Source analyzer tracks the calling information with track function to analyze the impact of each event. Putting that information in the Database will help find out the program's connection.
Track the error edit file and analyze the existing source. Reduce your costs, debugging and development time.

Analysis the Source through Source Analyzer

  • Avoid redundant development of the system.
  • Improve performance and stability of system.
  • Rapid development and maintenance of the system.
  • New recruits can quickly adapt to the system.

Main features of Source Analyzer.

  • Analyze call information from JSP and JS sources
  • Analysis of relationship between screens
  • Analyze Request Mapping information defined in Java control file
  • Analyze all method information defined in Java source (Include location of line and parameter)
  • Analyze QUERY_ID and location of line information defined in XML


  • Provided Source Analyzer to Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Provided Source Analyzer to ICT WAY

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