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DX-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

Provide solutions Smart Factory wants through DX-MES such as monitoring OEE Information.

DX-MES can be collected by measuring and judging the weight of products produced at high speed. An integrated monitoring solution analyzes weight data in real-time, monitors weight changes, guides trend information, provides alarms, and quickly finds and calibrates problems while driving.
It is possible to quickly analyze the factors involved in quality by processing the time-series data of continuous processes with a data mart. It is possible to manage the total weight and the lateral information of the faceplate simultaneously in three dimensions.
In addition, the collected data can be changed by setting when the target information is changed, and various KPIs (Core Performance Indicators) are integrated into the web and mobile to provide services.

DX-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

Provided control system service by DX-MES.
  • Try equipment, classification by tag characteristics, time-series data mart construction with DX-MES.
  • Analyze set values for optimal operating conditions, which is the primary material for full automation.
  • Facility operation systems will help make information knowledge of experts.
  • Analyze between variable PV and SV.
  • Real-time production leads time prediction using actual cycle time.
  • Get OEE per machine and factory, efficiency indicator of all of the lines.
  • Optional alarms are allowed except for the default tag alarm.


  • Built the ICT converged smart factory MES for BOOHEUNG Co.Ltd.
  • Built the ICT converged smart factory MES for Koryo Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd.
  • Built the ICT converged smart factory for Dream metal heat treatment
  • Built the ICT converged smart factory for Samwon metal heat treatment

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